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Villa Sofia Reserve

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Our Process

Blind Taste

We conduct multiple blind cupping sessions to meticulously choose coffees that stand out in terms of flavor, aroma, balance, sweetness, and acidity. This unbiased approach ensures that we select the finest coffees to deliver an exceptional experience to our customers

Farm Selection

We personally visit every farm from which we source our selected coffees. During these visits, we assess the cleanliness of their processes, scrutinize the use of any harsh chemicals in the plants, evaluate their contributions to the community, observe their commitment to excellent work ethic, and conduct rigorous testing to ensure the absence of harmful microorganisms

Lot Selection

After conducting thorough and rigorous tests, we carefully choose a specific micro-lot or row to bring back home. This meticulous selection process ensures precision in choosing the finest beans for our coffee


We craft our coffee by freshly roasting to order in small batches, ensuring top-quality with every batch


We carefully ship our coffee to ensure that it arrives ready to be enjoyed. For the optimal flavor experience, we recommend waiting between 15-25 days after the roast date before consuming. Additionally, we advise opening the coffee bag at least 24 hours before indulging to enhance the aroma and taste