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Villa Sofia Reserve

Villa Sofia Reserve

Aldea Coffee's award-winning Geisha variety, meticulously crafted through a 48-72 hour cherry fermentation, an additional 48 hours in mucilage, temperature shock for flavor sealing, and a triple-washing process. Enchanting notes of sweet jasmine and lemongrass, accompanied by a luscious chamomile tea-like mouthfeel and delicate body. Harvested in 2023 from the picturesque Villa Sofia farm in San Augustin, Huila, Colombia, this exceptional coffee showcases the unwavering dedication and expertise of coffee farmer Joaquin Hoyos and producer Wilson Ordoñes.

  1. 🌱 Variety: Geisha

  2. 🌊 Process: Double Fermented

  3. 📍 Farm: Villa Sofia

  4. 🏔️ Altitude: 1750m

  5. 🌍 Region: Huila, Colombia

  6. 👨‍🌾 Coffee Farmer: Joaquin Hoyos

  7. 👨‍🔬 Coffee Producer: Wilson Ordoñes

  8. 🌾 Harvest: 2023 (February)

  9. 👍 Recommended For: Pour-overs, Espresso, Immersion, Conventional Coffee-Makers

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Our Process

Blind Taste

We have several blind tasting sessions where we select the ones we enjoy more.

Farm Selection

We visit each farm from the selected coffees and look for clean processes and excellent work ethic.

Lot Selection

We inspect and select a specific micro-lot to bring back home..


We roast our coffee to order.


We ship it so that when you get the coffee its ready to consume.