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This coffee is an extraordinary experience crafted by Adrian and Nestor Lasso, two brothers who are transforming the world of coffee. They have won back-to-back awards for the best coffee in Australia (2022-2023). Known within the competition circles, their Natural Bourbon-Sidra coffee is carefully crafted with an anaerobic fermentation process lasting 80 hours, enhanced with microorganisms from the same coffee bean to bring the fermentation flavor to its fullest potential (yes, it's kosher 😊). This is followed by a thermal shock that seals all of its flavor within the bean.

The result is a coffee that won the 2022 best coffee of the year award, boasting aromas of raspberry-filled chocolate, layered with delightful hints of guanábana (soursop) and ripe cocoa. Take it a step further, and this coffee provides a remarkable balance of refreshing citric acidity, a velvety body, and an impeccably long-lasting aftertaste. Winner of the 2022 best coffee in Australia.

  1. 🌱 Variety: Bourbon Sidra

  2. 🌊 Process: Natural

  3. 📍 Farm: El Diviso

  4. 🏔️ Altitude: 1750m

  5. 🌍 Region: Huila, Colombia

  6. 👨‍🌾 Coffee Farmer: Adrian and Nestor Lasso 

  7. 🌾 Harvest: 2023 (November)

  8. 👍 Recommended For: Pour-overs, conventional coffee makers, and espresso

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